About us - Our mission statement

Our mission statement

Through its quality, environmental and occupational health and safety policy, STA shows its commitment to the following:



  • Provide and develop a quality service that allows us to gain the satisfaction and fidelity of our customers.
  • Improve our quality/price ratio by increasing the quality rather than lowering the price of our goods and services.
  • Develop a flexible organization, capable of adapting to the new requirements of the economic and social environment.
  • Provide our corporate customers with added value, thus contributing to their competitiveness and sustainability.


  • Provide working conditions that are conducive to staff development.
  • Offer continuous training for maintaining and developping skills
  • Maintain a work climate in which employees feel responsible for the development and success of the company by :

- Endorsement of the company's values
- Loyalty and honesty
- Commitment and accountability
- Competence and reliability



  • Optimize our processes and procedures on a permanent basis (in terms of quality, cost, technology, environment, safety and service).
  • Stay in line with the standard and legal requirements.


  • Establish a close partnership with our suppliers who respect or aim to respect our specifications and requirements.
  • Give priority to local, regional or Valaisan companies when the quality/price ratio is similar to that of companies outside our local region.


  • Develop and apply he integrated management system (IMS) for quality, environment and health and safety in accordance with the ISO 9001/14001/45001 standards already in place.
  • Meet the applicable requirements (including regulatory and legal) for the services mentioned above.
  • Protect the health of our employees.
  • Prevent damage to the environment.



  • Continuously improve working conditions in terms of health and safety, through awareness campaigns and training.
  • Identify and assess occupational risks and implement measures to prevent and reduce the frequency and impact of accidents, work-related illnesses and diseases.

  • label entreprises performantes et responsables
  • label quality asurance management
  • label environemental management
  • occupational health & safety

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